Oedema is the medical term for fluid retention in the body. Intermittent Compression devices are used to assist in the reduction of gravitational fluid from the lower limb.

The build-up of fluid causes affected tissue to become swollen. The swelling can occur in one particular part of the body – for example, as the result of an injury – or it can be more general. This is usually the case with oedema that occurs as a result of certain health conditions, such as heart failure or kidney failure.

As well as swelling or puffiness of the skin, oedema can also cause:

  • Skin discolouration.
  • Areas of skin that temporarily hold the imprint of your finger when pressed (known as pitting oedema).
  • Aching, tender limbs.
  • Stiff joints.
  • Weight gain or weight loss.
  • Raised blood pressure and pulse rate.

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