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    The report below refers to 'Improving the treatment of Lymphoedema". It's an extensive report edited by Dr Charles Easmon that covers the following areas:

    •  Are We Neglecting the Greatest Opportunity to Promote Quality of Life in Lymphoedema Care? How Lymphassist Would Help Both Patient and Carers.
      Sylvie Hampton, Independent Tissue Viability Consultant Nurse
    •  The Lymphatic System, its Organs and its Connection with Veins and Arteries.
      Joanne Greenwood, Medical Correspondent
    •  Drugs, Antibiotics and Lymphoedema.
      Dr Charles Easmon, Editor
    •  The Complex Causes of Limb and Joint Swelling and Pain.
      Joanne Greenwood, Medical Correspondent
    •  Lymphatic Filiriasis.
      Dr Charles Easmon, Editor

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